by fulfilling applicable compliance obligations related to environment and adopting eco-friendly processes and effective control on environmental impact

Use of non-hazardous chemicals and ZDHC registered chemicals

  • Liming: H2S reducing system
  • Deliming and bating: Nitrogen free chemicals
  • Tanning: minimum use of salt and acids (NSA System)
  • Preservation: Fungicide and bactericide used are free of prohibited materials and compatible with the ZDHC requirements

Reduce waste generation and emissions to the environment

  • Training programs to improve the awareness of workers about impact of waste
  • Following all the strategies that lead to less waste generation and better envivomnental impact by adopting recycle (wool,fleshing), reuse (salt, ink catridge..) reduce and recovery methods.

Improved working conditions

  • Mandatory personal protective equipments.
  • Monitor and control potential air pollutants (eg: AMMONIA and H2S) from production processes, thereby ensuring safe and pollution free work environment
  • set measurable environmental objectives and providing appropriate training and necessary resources.

Save water

Training programs, central treatment plant (CETP) and measurable equipments.

Quality insurance

Monitoring and controling the quality of the products produced is done by a dedicated lab equiped with all the required analyais equipemnts. (Fat content, chromium content and fungi and bacteria grouwth tests) in addition to formal tests done by an ISO certified third-party lab to meet the RSL of our costumers.