DLIWATI SONS company has its sophistication focused on the value of the hides and skins into leather. DLIWATI SONS tanneries and business are ameliorated in leather technical expertise through supply of local and regional raw hides, tanning chemicals, leather and machinery. DS has embraced value addition notions with a passion. Today it is climbing the ladder of leather in the Middle East, Europe and Asia through Wet bluing, Pickling and finishing leather...

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We are taking a strategic position in the Syrian leather market and leading the value of high quality and well-manufactured products. DLIWATI SONS, a leather manufacturing company, was found in 1910, our expertise gained over many years of collaboration and participation of charismatic and leader peers, enthusiastic subordinates and foreign tanning experts in order to deliver high- quality products. Our factories are on the cutting edge in of new products development, updates of tanning machinery and chemical research related to the tanning process. Over the years, DS has accomplished inestimable experience in the production of sheep leather and wools. The company has also succeeded in standing out for its full production of tanned leather due to the creativity of its leaders, and the commitment and team -work of its employees and technicians.

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